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  • Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

June 2019 Newsletter

Precious friend of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour,

I feel compelled to be utterly candid with you. May has been an especially rocky month for the OFRH board. The Lord definitely called us to days of prayer and fasting together. To continue to air the Old Fashioned Revival Hour on the Internet and on our various stations across the country is very expensive. Unfortunately we have had to cancel a number of stations in the last six months. Without your intervention, more cancellations will be necessary. As Dr. Fuller often stated: “We go week by week only as God, through you, makes it possible.” We would be so encouraged to hear from each of you this month as we celebrate 17 years of re-broadcasting this historic gospel outreach.

The series in the Book of Revelation has come to an end, and now Dr. Fuller will be escorting us into 2 Corinthians, Luke and John. He’ll explore further what really trusting God and expecting His faithfulness is all about. As always, we’re reminded to sing and rejoice in His faithfulness.

So let me ask: “How is your “spiritual reservoir?” My family and I have been so very busy since we returned from our East African mission that I’ve had very little time to take inventory and to relax in God’s presence long enough in green pastures and beside the still waters. Because we felt the enemy’s darts so severely before we left and after we’d returned, I have needed to bask in the reality of who my Lord truly is. I’m writing this on Memorial Day weekend, allowing Psalm 145 to be a reminder (a memorial) to me of who my loving Savior is. It’s been a refreshing green pasture for me to set up camp beside living waters. It is all too easy to lose perspective in difficult seasons, isn’t it friend? His favor lasts for a lifetime although some seasons can be thorny, a word that brings to mind the wonderful hymn, “Be Still My Soul,” which is another rejuvenating “pasture” to bask in when our perspectives need adjustment.

Although “Be Still My Soul” is not on any of our music albums, perhaps this month’s featured CD by the choir will refresh your soul. It’s “A Shelter In the Time of Storm.” The price is $16.50 which includes shipping – if you live in California it’s $18.00 due to tax. Could you include a gift to OFRH to help ensure the ministry’s future?

A former pastor in Central California, now 83 years old, wrote to us recently: “…I truly love to listen to the choir and quartet singing the great old songs of Faith. I also love to hear Mrs. Grace (Honey) Fuller read the letters from listeners with such a kind and gentle voice. Dr. Fuller’s inspired and anointed messages from the Book of Revelation are truly great! …How the OFRH program warms my heart. My finances are now smaller, but I have $200 that I want to send to you. I wish it were more.”

I am praying, dear friend, that his soul and yours will continue to be refreshed,

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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