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November 2022 Newsletter

Peace with God Concept

Loving greetings, dear OFRH family –

GIVING THANKS: I am looking out the window this morning enjoying the cooler weather and being quiet in God’s presence. His grace and provision in my life is a wonder to me. I’m speaking of the wonder and power of His Word and the treasure of His Spirit working in each of us.

GIVING MORE THANKS: After absorbing some of the Psalms and meditating on some of the wisdom of Brother Lawrence from the 1600s, I am freshly encouraged about the purpose of the journey our loving Lord guides me and each of His children through. Weare set apart to become more like Jesus. It is His doing, not by our own efforts In 1861 Samuel S. Wesley penned his longing: “Lead me, Lord. Lead me in Thy righteousness; make Thy way plain before my face.”

This month, in Solomon’s Song of Songs, Dr. Fuller lifts us to the heights expressed by Wesley and the psalmist in Psalms 5:8 and 143:10. Then he plunges us into the darkness of the desperate condition of every person whose heart is apart from Christ, described in Jeremiah 17:9. He concludes November’s messages with a reminder that the time between Christ’s ascension and His glorious return is also dark, but that we are to be watchmen, lights and ambassadors. We say, “Hallelujah!” because we have committed ourselves to our Lord’s keeping as He takes us through the very valleys, deserts and experiences He alone knows we need in order to become more like Jesus. He is preparing us for eternity, teaching us to be content and to fear no evil in such times – and even to be grateful while we suffer because He is working on our behalf, doing within us what we could never do for ourselves. And if you need prayer in the midst of your journey, please write or call. Our OFRH staff cares about you.

And we know you care about OFRH – otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this letter. So let me remind you that whenever you shop online and order anything through Amazon Smile, our ministry can benefit if you designate the Old Fashioned Revival Hour as your charitable choice. So we hope you’ll keep that in mind.

In closing, I’m more than happy to announce that we have produced a new music CD entitled “When Love Shines In.” There are 16 songs by the OFRH choir, and as far as we can determine, none of those 16 are on any of our other music CDs. The price is just $16.50 which includes shipping. But due to tax, it is $18.00 if you live in California. (Please order early if you want the CD for Christmas.)

GIVING THANKS that we are in His priceless care,

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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