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June 2021 Newsletter

Peace Concept

Precious OFRH family,

In last month’s letter we focused on the Lord’s wonderful gift of peace. I trust His peace has been flowing in you and about you these past few weeks. Our feelings certainly vary as imperfect human beings, but making specific daily choices to abide in Him and to maintain our focus in God’s Word, His truth, preserves alive an accurate Psalm 46 perspective in our hearts (peace amidst chaos: verse 10).

During June on the Old Fashioned Revival Hour, we continue in Ephesians, chapters 4 and 5. Dr. Fuller will be giving us some practical instructions to help us abide daily in Christ so that His assurance and peace remain upon us. I pray also that you will stay close to those Spirit-filled believers in your life who help you keep intact that godly perspective. And may the music and message of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour encourage your heart this month. The music CD we’re featuring for June is “The 1870 Pump Organ” which accompanies our choir in 16 hymns. On it you’ll also hear some comments by Dr. and Mrs. Fuller. The cost of the CD is just $16.50 (if you live in California, it’s $18.00 due to state tax).

And if we haven’t heard from you in awhile, you can be a great encouragement to us as we head into the summer months. Your prayers, notes and gifts make a great impact.

Let me share a few sentences from a letter received in March from a man in Fredericksburg, Virginia: “Dear Bro. Mike – I’ve been listening to the OFRH for several years via the Internet. It was so enjoyable the past year to be able to hear the Gospel preaching and the wonderful music on Sunday mornings since our church has not been holding inside services…. Thank you so much for making these God-blessed programs available again.”

Well, we feel privileged indeed to be a part of the blessings the Lord provides through these radio broadcasts and the Internet, and if we can rejoice with you or pray for you, please let us know.

Sincerely in the Savior,

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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