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July 2021 Newsletter

Peace Concept

Dearly beloved member of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour family,

It was in March of this year that OFRH began journeying through Ephesians, and here we are in July beginning our fifth month in this amazing epistle! I mentioned in our June letter about the wonderful peace that can be ours as we abide in Christ. During July Dr. Fuller will point us further in the same direction as he continues in chapter 5 with instruction about Spirit-filled living in our own lives and in our homes. But how do we abide daily in Him so that His infilling remains upon us?

Surely, part of the answer is asking Him to enlighten us as we immerse ourselves in His Word. Another aspect is having confidence in Him as, in prayer, we lay before Him the anticipated and unanticipated events of our day. And let’s not forget to roll over upon Him the full weight of our concerns and to thank Him in advance for the fact that He remains true to His promises.

Moving forward into the sixth chapter Dr. Fuller will speak about spiritual warfare and then, on July 25, he will take us on a one-week detour back to chapter 2 in order to instruct us about Satan, the enemy of God and the enemy of each and every child of God.

May we also continue to sing in our hearts the songs and hymns and spiritual songs that keep all these truths front and center. Let the music of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour carry you through each week! Among our soloists, tenor Bill MacDougall continues to bless us through our featured CD for July. The title is “At the End of the Road.” If you’d like to order it, simply request it when you write. The price is just $16.50 which includes shipping. (Californians need to add $1.50 for tax.)

And with the summer months upon us, we want to thank you for your generosity and your prayers which keep us on the air. So, in addition to praying, if you’d like to support this ministry with a gift, simply enclose it when you write. Any and all letters and gifts encourage us and will be greatly appreciated.

Leaning on the everlasting arms,

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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