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February 2023 Newsletter

Peace with God Concept

Beloved OFRH family,

If you have tuned in the last three weeks, you know we have been diving into chapter one of the Book of Romans. And we will continue in chapter one during the entire month of February. What a clear and succinct explanation of a sinner’s hopeless condition in God’s eyes, making clear each person’s dire need of divine help. If even so-called “good” people assume they could please God by their own noble efforts, chapter one effectively clarifies the utter futility of such an approach.

The last fifteen verses of Romans 1, which Dr. Fuller will expound upon on February 26th, go into painful detail on the depravity of the entire human race, leading any true seeker to ask, “How can I possibly be saved?” Well, the free grace to be revealed in chapter 3, verses 21 through 24, provides the longed-for answer and assurance. Feel free to look ahead!

God knew we were completely helpless without His intervention. So let’s rejoice in what the Lord Jesus accomplished for you and me because of His amazing love and unbelievable sacrifice on the cross. And let’s worship Him together with the chorus choir and quartet on each broadcast this month!

To further enhance your worship experience, we’re featuring the “Heavenly Voice” of soloist Beth Farnam. This CD has 17 songs to help you focus on Jesus. (The price is just $16.50 which includes shipping -- $18 for Californians due to tax.)

In closing, I want to share with you the comments we received in December from a gentleman in Virginia who listens over the Internet. He wrote: “Today’s message ‘Almost Persuaded’ brought back wonderful memories of my own conversion at an evangelistic meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1950 as an 8 year old. God bless your wonderful mission bringing Dr. Fuller’s sermons & the gorgeous music to us once again.”

Encouraged by friends like him,

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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