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August 2020 Newsletter

Dear OFRH Family,

May I just begin by thanking those of you who have written or called this past month encouraging the board and myself with your words of appreciation, your support, and your concerns to be lifted up in prayer. Thank you for caring for this ministry as you also entrust us with the responsibility of “standing in the gap” with you as we entreat our loving Father on your behalf.

Here are a couple of those precious notes recently received – from Woodstock, Georgia: “Thank you for your faithful work in making OFRH available online! This gospel ministry is a continuing testimony of God’s grace and a great blessing to us listeners!” Then from Sanger, California, a KRDU listener: “I am a retired minister, 84 years old. It is with great joy that I listen to your program with Dr. Charles Fuller preaching the truth of the Gospel. Especially enjoy his messages in Exodus. I dearly love to hear the choir and quartet sing, and to hear Mrs. Fuller read the letters is a great delight.”

As the Old Fashioned Revival Hour airs this month, Dr. Fuller bids us join the Israelites as they are confronted by enemies. They receive instruction directly from God Himself, but fail to believe His promises. They become rebellious which incites God’s righteous response with discipline.

God’s Word certainly does not candy-coat what was going on there. And today, can you and I find personal applications for faith during these days of extreme uncertainty? For years, many of us have taken a peaceful social and physical environment for granted, and while we may be surprised or even shocked by some of the goings-on these days, God is in control and at work. And it takes God’s grace in our lives to teach us to be truly content when leaning/resting totally on Him. Can we be content and at peace, secure in the Savior’s faithfulness no matter what insecurities and fears are blowing all about us?

As I mentioned last month, we need to find our security anchored to the solid Rock, Jesus! Please let the music and message of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour help keep you anchored during August – and beyond. This month’s featured CD is “The Solid Rock” with 15 uplifting numbers by the OFRH quartet. The price is just $16.50 which includes shipping. (If in California, please add $1.50 for tax.)

Finding rest, peace, and security in Jesus,

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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