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  • Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

January 2020 Newsletter

Precious and beloved OFRH family member,

Dr. Fuller’s first message for 2020 is entitled “How To Worship Aright.” At this start of a new decade, and as we look ahead, I want to thank you personally for the difference you have made over the last two decades as our team has passionately given of their time and talents to keep the Old Fashioned Revival Hour available as a weekly blessing.

For many, Dr. Fuller’s teaching provides a rare resource of spiritual insight which continues to tug at their hearts and guide them closer in their walk with the Lord. For others, the gospel is made plain for the very first time. For some listeners, it’s the chorus choir and quartet whose music speaks right to their hearts as they worship along. And for a number of our brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s our ministry of responding to the prayer requests which come to us. We appreciate hearing personally from those of you who share your concerns and needs, and we want to assure you that the caring members of the OFRH board take very seriously this privilege of lifting your requests to our heavenly Father.

We also want to thank those of you who regularly (or occasionally) pray for OFRH. Recently, I’ve shared the somewhat desperate financial situation we’ve been facing these past six months. And – so you can rejoice with us – I want to report that, due to the Lord’s faithfulness and the funds we’ve received, all our 2019 bills will be paid by January 10th. But don’t stop praying! Another round of invoices will be showing up in just a few days. This cycle keeps us depending upon the Lord.

We would be so encouraged to learn how this broadcast ministers to you. On December 29 we received a call from a blind lady who said that day’s message from the Gospel of John, chapter 9, touched her heart. She added, “The Lord means more to me than my eyesight.” And here’s a note that came from a gentleman in Virginia: “Thanks so much for [Dr. Fuller’s book] The Tabernacle in the Wilderness. Seems as if I can hear Dr. Fuller as I read it. God bless your ministry.” And on our website these words of encouragement: “My Mother used to listen to Old Fashioned Revival Hour when we were children. And Rudy Atwood came to Michigan at The Gull Lake Bible Conference. We used to go and stay in a cottage and hear him play the piano. It was beautiful. I will never forget it.”

Well, there are 16 beautiful piano solos by Rudy Atwood on our featured CD for this month. It’s called “Beyond the Sunset” and can be ordered for just $16.50 which includes shipping. If you can add a gift, that will help get us off to a good start for 2020. Blessings to you for the new year!

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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