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  • Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

October 2019 Newsletter

Precious Friend of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour,

I’m sure you can attest that as we walk by faith we experience challenges as well as victories. We finished the month of August on a high note of praise for the positive response from those who “stood in the gap” so that we could remain on the air another month in Seattle and in San Diego. And then, on August 31 some suspicious activity took place online that involved our Donation Page, forcing us a few days later to shut down the ability of people to purchase items or to give to OFRH by credit card. The issue is still not fully resolved and may cost a bunch, so we’d really appreciate your prayers (and your patience if you’ve been inconvenienced by this situation). Again, if the Holy Spirit lays it on your heart, we trust you’ll consider standing with us with your financial support. This battle is His!

The Holy Spirit obviously prompted this communication from a man in Washington State: “Each Sunday my Dad, who was a wonderful father but not yet a Christian, would fix Sunday lunch for his family while we were attending church, to be enjoyed together after returning home. Every Sunday while eating, we would listen to the OFRH with Dr. Fuller. Dad made no pretense about being a Christian. But he listened to Dr. Fuller without complaint week after week, year after year. In 1973 my Dad was diagnosed with incurable cancer. I still remember receiving a telephone call from Dad in early 1974. He told me he had accepted the Lord as his Savior. He succumbed to his cancer a few weeks later. I am so thankful for the ministry of the OFRH and Dr. Fuller being used by God to transform my Dad’s life. And it is so good to hear these broadcasts still being made available by radio. This small contribution is just one way of saying a very belated ‘thank you’ to Dr. Fuller, and now to you who keep OFRH on the air.”

Last month my comments had to do with the unique gifts God has given each of us as believers, so that we are enabled to reflect the nature of God to our friends, family, and each one God brings us in contact with day by day -- with every part of the body of Christ supporting the others and showing forth all the qualities of our Lord to a very needy world that longs to see the “Real Thing.”

As Dr. Fuller continues through First and Second Timothy during October, he’ll encourage us to cultivate our contentment in Christ, to fan the flame of our God-given gifts in order to build up believers, and to stay on course. Plus, the wonderful music of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour will certainly lift your spirit. May the truths being sung stick with you. The CD being highlighted this month is “Honey In the Rock.” There are 18 songs featuring Art Jaissle whose bass voice is amazing. The price is just $16.50 which includes shipping. Please add $1.50 tax if you live in California.

May the Lord bless you abundantly!

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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