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  • Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

August 2019 Newsletter

URGENT MESSAGE for our Wonderful OFRH Family –

Most of you in our radio family are aware that we had to cancel some broadcasts during the last six months due to a lack of response from the listenership. This always breaks our hearts, but we have to trust the Lord to put it on the hearts of the listeners to pay the bills. After August 25 (apart from extra listener participation) we will cease broadcasting over both K-Praise in San Diego and “820, The Word” (KGNW) in Seattle. These two stations can be heard by millions, but in recent months there has been very little support.

As is often typical during the summer months, many ministries can find themselves unable to pay for all their operating expenses. The Old Fashioned Revival Hour’s primary expense is the purchase of radio time on several large stations. As you know, most everyone involved in producing this broadcast does so joyfully on a completely volunteer basis. Only our indispensable accountant and our office manager who gives so much time and energy responding to and communicating with our listeners receive very modest compensation. Every other dollar goes only to covering the cost of bringing this ministry to you over the radio and internet.

We are asking those whose hearts are regularly encouraged by the music and message of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour to step up now in the early part of August and contribute $25 or more. Even 20 responses would save one of these stations for another month. And in appreciation for your generous help at this critical time, we’ll be happy to send you a copy of Dr. Fuller’s wonderful book, “The Tabernacle In the Wilderness.”

I’ve been “soaking” today again in one of my very favorite pieces of Scripture, Psalm 27, which does mention “tabernacle” a couple of times. This is a fantastic place to “camp out” when you need to regain your spiritual perspective and you feel it’s time to rejoice afresh in who your heavenly Father is and to anticipate joyfully the ways He wants to bless others through you and the ways He will surprise you by His grace. So take a moment to look back on your day and thank Him for His active participation in it!

We trust Dr. Fuller’s messages in August will uplift and encourage you. One of his favorite hymns was “Meet Me There.” And that’s the name of the choir CD we’re featuring this month. The price: $16.50 over and above any gift you may include ($18 for Californians due to tax).

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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