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  • Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

March 2019 Newsletter

Dear ORFH Family,

I am so grateful for each of you who have stood by us faithfully over the past 16 years. I wonder if you might consider writing and telling us something of what the Old Fashioned Revival Hour has meant to you – or some specific way your heart has been truly encouraged or your faith strengthened. And do tell us how we can pray for you.

Bringing your concerns to the Lord is another way we can serve you. Here’s a wonderful email we received not too long ago from a man in Canada: “I sent you a donation today in gratitude for helping my mom. In 1951/1952, my mom was distraught as a young teenager…. Her church taught that you had to be good to get to Heaven. Her father was not amused by the liberal leanings of his church. He turned on the radio…. What did Dr. Fuller tell my mom? Jesus died, Jesus paid the price because no one can ever be perfectly good. But Jesus can rescue us. My mother grew up, married a pastor. I am in full-time Christian work as a Christian school teacher. God bless you all forever and ever. Someday we’ll all be together in Heaven.”

We who’ve committed ourselves to producing and getting this ministry out to you could really benefit from such encouragement right now. Income for January was minimal, not the preferred way to start out the new year. We find ourselves having to drop several broadcasts due to lack of support, and we need the Lord’s wisdom and direction as we move forward.

This month, Dr. Fuller will continue in the Book of Revelation in chapters 3 and 4. Along those lines, let me ask: Are you among those, like the Apostle Paul, who eagerly anticipate the return of Christ and love His appearing? Yes, sometimes when that love is lukewarm, it’s our Lord’s severe mercy which draws us back to Him through difficult circumstances. Always He is standing at the door knocking until we permit the Lover of our Souls full access. It’s the only way we can enjoy the rich fellowship He offers.

Some of the songs on our featured CD this month refer to that precious fellowship (such as “Each Step I Take” and “O Jesus, Walk With Me”). They are solos by Beth Farnam, “The Heavenly Voice of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour.” And if you’re looking ahead to Easter in April, you can order “An Old Fashioned Easter” which has numbers by the choir and the quartet, along with Rudy Atwood at the piano. Each CD is $16.50 which includes shipping. And by the way, CDs make good gifts, too.

Finally, a giant THANK YOU if you’ve been praying for my family as requested in my last letter. Our dental/evangelism mission to Africa is just 3 weeks away. The preparation details can be overwhelming. Our need is to put on the spiritual armor God provides to stand firm against the enemy’s schemes.

Grateful for your fellowship in the Gospel,

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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