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  • Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

August 2018 Newsletter

Beloved listener and friend of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour,

This month I come to you with some urgent family business. This ministry continues week by week only as God through you makes it possible. As we enter August we are at the most critical place financially that I can remember in the last 17 years. We are asking every listener and friend to give what they can to keep the Old Fashioned Revival Hour from losing three or four more stations this month. An additional $8,000 per month would not only keep us from losing any more stations, but perhaps allow us to replace outlets we’ve already been forced to cancel.

Please pray earnestly, dear friend, and consider partnering with us financially as well. There are a great many of our listeners who are so encouraged by this broadcast but simply cannot afford to give. OFRH depends on the stewardship of those who can. We received a phone message from a blind listener in the Northwest who said, “I appreciate these programs so much. I truly hope that they will never leave the air until Jesus comes, and then we’ll all be with Him. I very much need this program.”And here’s a note that came from a lady in Virginia: “Thank you so much for Dr. Fuller’s broadcast. His in-depth messages on the Scripture have taught me so much. They are helping me in my Bible studies. Now that I’ve retired, I have more time to study the Word! Thanks be to God!”

If just 500 out of the thousands of our listeners would commit to a gift of just $15 to $20 each month (or a one-time larger amount) the needs would be met. Remember – your OFRH board members volunteer many hours of their time because of a God-given calling and passion for this ministry. Your gifts go straight to purchasing broadcast time and the minimal necessary office expenses.

Will you support the Old Fashioned Revival Hour with your gift today? Please help us keep these God-honoring messages and otherwise unavailable, uplifting hymns and choruses coming to you. And let me assure those who give regularly that your partnership is appreciated more than words can express.

Joyfully in His service,

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.


Our featured CD for August is “Gospel Favorites, Volume 6” with 26 songs – half by the choir and half by the quartet. The cost is $16.50 which includes shipping (due to tax it’s $18.00 for Californians).

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