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  • Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

December 2017 Newsletter

December 2018

Precious Old Fashioned Revival Hour family members,

Throughout the month of December, Dr. Fuller will continue preaching from the minor prophets, first finishing up Jonah and then moving on to Habakkuk, Micah and Joel. These prophets are anything but minor in light of the amazing prophetic insights the Lord gave each of them regarding the future coming of His Son to earth to rescue and eternally bless mankind. Dr. Fuller’s messages along with the marvelous gospel and Christmas music this month are going to be something special. Our prayer is that your love relationship with the Lord will be deepened as you tune in.

Abundant thanks to those we’ve heard from in these past few weeks. Your gifts go directly to the purchase of airtime and to the necessary operational expenses involved in getting the programs to each station as well as making them available on the Internet. The OFRH board and staff are tireless and passionate about their calling and seek to be the best possible stewards of your gifts. All of them devote their time to the ministry without compensation of any kind (except for our wonderful and gifted office manager who would work without pay if she could). If you have concerns or insights for us in this regard, we want to hear from you.

This January the leadership of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour will prayerfully convene to make some very painful decisions. In 2015 I asked OFRH friends and supporters to rejoice with us over a generous gift we received from an estate. Confident that the Lord wanted us to use those funds to reach as many people as possible, we purchased time on stations in densely populated areas with the hope that by now listeners in those places would cover the expenses involved currently. That hasn’t happened, although we’ve had some response. Apart from any significant uptake in listener support, with those estate resources dwindling, we reluctantly must soon cancel some outlets. If this ministry blesses you and you’ve been meaning to help us stay on the air, NOW is the time to let us know – and be sure to include your station’s call letters when you write or call.

A listener in Georgia recently wrote: “I pray God’s blessings upon you, and am thankful to be able to hear Pastor Fuller every Sunday morning.” He then quoted Luke 24:32. And another regular supporter wrote: “Thank you so much for airing the OFRH programs! I love them and look forward to it every Sunday evening as I turn in for the day. The Lord bless you!” And she ends with Acts 15:14. Both of their notes are short and sweet and much appreciated. At the end of this year (as with the end of many prayers) we say “Amen.” And that’s the name of the quartet album we’re featuring. You can order it for $13.00 which includes shipping (Californians, add $1.20 tax) and we hope you’ll add a gift as well.

Remembering the Greatest Gift of all – the Savior who is Christ the Lord,

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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