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October 2023 Newsletter - Joel, chapter 2

Stairway to heaven

Beloved listener and friend,

At a recent OFRH board meeting we were rejoicing in God’s faithfulness in keeping this ministry back on the air since mid-2002 after a long 34-year pause following Dr. Fuller’s homegoing. And now it’s hard to believe that 20 plus years have come and gone. During those years there have been challenging times when we wondered if OFRH could stay afloat. But God, motivating our supporters, has always come through, sometimes in very faith-building ways. Would you agree that this is how He so often works in our individual lives as well? Difficulties certainly should keep us returning to that close dependency on our Savior! How merciful He is to draw His children close to Himself, especially when we have come to the end of our own devices.

I hope you will take time, after reading this letter, to “soak” in Joel, chapter 2, verses 12-13, 27-28 and 32 because Dr. Fuller will bring us to the Old Testament prophecy of Joel for the first two Sundays in October. It’s wonderful to see God’s love and mercy expressed through the Minor Prophets. We’ll see God’s grace poured out on disobedient Israel after a time of judgment. That time of judgment also foreshadows the still future “day of the Lord” (the last days) which Dr. Fuller will also teach about from John 16:33 on October 15.

THEN, beginning on October 22 Dr. Fuller begins a series in the Book of Acts which will continue for several months into 2024. I’m truly looking forward to this extended study! And I’d love to hear from you – it needn’t be long. Here’s an example we received by email: “Your music and messages inspire me to keep persevering.” Well, his comment encourages us to keep persevering also as we move into the Fall months.

Our featured CD this month is “Autumn Leaves.” It has 15 uplifting songs: 5 by the choir, 5 by the quartet and 5 piano solos by Rudy Atwood. The price is just $16.50 which includes shipping ($18.00 if you live in California – due to tax). And it would certainly be encouraging if you could include a gift to help keep OFRH on the air and on the internet as we move toward the end of 2023.

With heartfelt appreciation.


Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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