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  • Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

November 2019 Newsletter

Dear beloved member of the OFRH family,

As we enter this Thanksgiving month, I want to call your attention to Dr. Fuller’s messages from Second Timothy. The Apostle Paul encouraged Timothy, his own son in the faith, to “be strong in the GRACE that is in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 2:1). May each of us make the choice day by day this month to live in that GRACE. And I am praying that, just as Paul mentored his son in the faith, each of us will have the joy of mentoring a more recent believer who is longing for encouragement and needs a friend like you and like me to walk with them so they can “grow in GRACE and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

That being scriptural, we are truly one family with the common goal of getting God’s Word out to the believer and pre-Christian alike – and also encouraging all listeners with the truth of God as expressed in songs and hymns which keep playing in our hearts throughout the week, reminding us of His GRACE and our sure foundation in this age of confusion, deception, and animosity.

Perhaps the 15 songs and hymns on our featured CD for November will be just such a reminder. The CD is entitled “Walk in Jerusalem” with Bill MacDougall as soloist. Wherever it is you are walking, you can place your order for this CD for just $16.50 which includes shipping. (But if you’re walking – living – in California, the price is $18.00 due to sales tax.)

Now, some “family” business: I want to express anew how thankful I am every month for each of you who minister along with us, praying for the Old Fashioned Revival Hour and standing behind us financially. And although a handful of concerned friends responded to our “911 call” for emergency help, it saddens our hearts to inform you that October 27 was our final broadcast over two major stations – KGNW in Seattle and K-Praise in San Diego. The support we received did enable us to extend those stations for two months, but now there are no funds available to continue for the present.

About 200 years ago, a hard-pressed missionary in a distant land said, “The future is as bright as the promises of God.” So, with thanksgiving, we look forward to what God has in mind for this ministry.

Thankfully co-laboring with you,

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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