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January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018

Happy New Year, dear OFRH family:

January – a time of new beginnings. And a good time to “Consider Your Ways” which is Dr. Fuller’s first message for 2018. He’ll be encouraging us from the Book of Haggai as he continues to major in the Minor Prophets.

Perhaps as 2017 came to a close, life could be described as hectic and busy. If so, I pray that you will join me in times of quiet reflection in the presence of the Lord as we consider our ways. I have personally been rather stressed the last three weeks with a very intense schedule at my dental office as well as being weighed down in my personal life because of serious family illness along with attending to the needs of family and friends. I am more than ready to meditate on God’s Word in order to restore my perspective – casting all my care upon Him and letting Him “take the wheel” as I lean on Him with complete trust. Currently my focus is on Psalm 34 – won’t you come, explore its depths with me?

As I mentioned last month, the OFRH board will convene on January 26th to pray, to analyze and to discuss the need to drop some of the stations that are straining our financial resources. This radio outreach has always been a listener-supported ministry, so if you are concerned about keeping us on your local station, do let us hear from you soon. Here’s a note from a lady in Gloversville, New York: “Thank you for keeping your program alive. In these days when so much error has entered the church, it is refreshing to hear Dr. Fuller. Takes me back to childhood when my Mom had the radio tuned in to Dr. Fuller. Since I have recently given up the TV, I expect to be more faithful as a listener to your program. The old hymns carry such blessing. May God continue to direct you and protect your ministry. Enclosed is a contribution to show my thanks.” We’re grateful for her gift and are able to continue from week to week only as those being blessed, like this lady, make it possible. We do not want to lose even one of our outlets but, unless there a huge change in the status quo, those hard choices are going to be made. Thank you for undergirding us in prayer as we seek to hear the Lord’s voice in these matters.

One of the most familiar old hymns is “Amazing Grace” – also the name of the CD we’re featuring this month. It has 16 wonderful songs by the OFRH men’s quartet and can be yours for just $13.00 which includes shipping. (If you’re in California, please add $1.20 for tax.) And, if possible, please consider a gift to us on top of the purchase.

Cheerfully going forward as we rest in Him.

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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