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October 2020 Newsletter

Greetings, dear and beloved OFRH family –

Last month Dr. Fuller taught about Joshua leading the Israelites forward into the land of Canaan. He likened Israel’s battles to the Christian’s experience because we, too, must trust in God’s faithful promises of empowerment and courage to do His will when circumstances might cause fear or discouragement.

Following additional lessons from the Book of Joshua during October, Dr. Fuller will transition into a series concerning the prophet Daniel. At one point he found himself, along with many other men, threatened by Nebuchadnezzar with the decree of death. Both men – Joshua and Daniel – faced very frightening circumstances and found that God had tremendous plans for them. And today we see that, while we may be surprised to find ourselves somewhat battered around in very troubled waters, our Lord invites us to trust Him and to seek Him earnestly, expecting not only His intervention but also to have the privilege of being used to further His purposes. Sometimes troubling situations cause us to commit ourselves fully into the almighty hand of God. This is a good thing! Responding to God’s loving and severe mercy upon us can change us for eternity, overflowing to those around us as well. May your circumstances today drive you into His arms as you expect great things from your Lord.

And please let the OFRH team know how we may support you in prayer. Again, we continue to stand in great need of your prayers and gifts. Special thanks if you were among those who were able to make a contribution to OFRH during September. Because of your kind support, we had just barely enough to cover all outstanding invoices. So we’re rejoicing in God’s faithfulness – and yours!

A few days ago our office manager spoke with a gentleman in Alaska whose parents, years ago, recorded on reel-to-reel some of the original OFRH broadcasts. That memory prompted him to search online. He found our website and decided to place an order for several CDs along with Dr. Fuller’s book, The Tabernacle in the Wilderness. It’s always a delight to connect with any and all of you dear ones.

With summer behind us, our featured CD for October is “Autumn Leaves.” It has 15 wonderful numbers – 5 by the choir, 5 by the quartet, and 5 piano solos by Rudy Atwood. The price, as usual, is $16.50 which includes shipping. Californians, also as usual, need to add $1.50 tax.

Basking in God’s marvelous faithfulness,

Michael Khanchalian, D.D.S.

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